meet CASK

We're on a mission to change people's perception of Whisky collecting


Making Whisky Investment Accessible to All

At Cask we’re on a mission to change people’s perception of the Whisky investment market. Whilst we could bore you with the ancient history of distilleries and the intricacies of how Whisky is made, the real reason we’re here is to introduce you to casks that can make you a healthy profit.

Although many seem to treat Whisky Investment like some sort of private members club for the super rich, we believe it should be accessible to all. Especially when it can yield competitive returns of up to 8-12% per annum.

So our mission is simple. We want to educate the masses about how much the Whisky market is growing and show them how simple it is to get involved. 

It truly is an exciting time to be a part of the Whisky investment market.

Meet Our Founder

Spencer Barton is the founder of Cask Group LTD. Spencer`s professional background started in sales and marketing helping many brands go to market including alcoholic beverage companies.

Following the COVID pandemic, Spencer spotted a gap in the market which was a good quality mixable whiskey for cocktails, which was highlighted by the increase in people drinking from home in higher volumes.

Spencer decided to follow his passion which is to launch his own whiskey brand to satisfy this untapped market.

COVID also highlighted the stability of the whiskey investment market which unlike most markets stayed very strong, which is why Cask will generate revenue instantly by brokering sales of rare investment whiskey to collectors.

In order to focus all of his energy into launching his own brand whisky, Spencer passed control of the sales and revenue aspect of Cask Group to James Anderson, a respected fine wine and whisky specialist.

Cask Group's own brand whiskey will likely become a favourite of collectors under Spencer's guidance.

Our Core Values

We love what we do and want to help educate as many people as we can about the benefits of Cask Whisky Investment.
Whether investing for yourself, your family or your future, we’re here to help you grow your capital.
We pride ourselves on providing a clear and transparent investment process from the moment you purchase your first cask right up to your exit from the market.

Free Whisky Market Guide

Interested in learning more about the Whisky investment market and how you can take part?

Download Guide Now
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