Becoming a Client

Here's how you can start your journey into cask Whisky investment.


Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and a member of our team will be in touch with you, to give you a brief introduction to the market and discuss your investment plans.


Our analysts track the market on a daily basis and can identify Whisky that has the best potential for long term growth.


To ensure your Whisky is kept in perfect condition your casks will be fully insured and stored in a HMRC licensed bonded warehouse.


Casks are naturally porous which allows the Whisky to breathe and take on any characteristics of its environment. The longer the Whisky is held in a cask, the more taste, aroma and colour it extracts from the oak, and the more it can rise in value.


Whether you sell your Whisky back to the live global market, offer it up at auction, sell to an independent bottler or sell it back to the distillery, there are plenty of ways to exit the market.

Build a Whisky collection today.

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